Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekend Sewing

For the most part I am a patient person but this almost got me. Weekend Sewing by Heather Ross came out in the spring and as soon as our local library added it, I was on the request list. Then the waiting began. Two and a half months later it was finally available. Now I had two weeks to sew from it before passing on to the next eager person on the list. After reading through and enjoying all the beautiful photographs, this is what I decided to make:
Oh my goodness!!! Were they ever cute! Little one has a pair of matching Ruby's Bloomers underneath her dress. They are called Flower Girl Dresses which makes them even more darling. This was the first time I had trimmed something with rick-rack and it was a bit tricky but worth it.
Next were these Smocked Sundresses. I was waiting for white elastic thread from our one fabric store but finally broke down and made them with black elastic thread. You can't see it from the outside of the dress so it ended up being just fine. The great thing about them is that you can make one in about an hour, the smocking is just sewing back and forth with the elastic thread in your bobbin.
Big sister needed flowered sheets for her little bed and I made this one out of a fitted twin sheet. Then of course she needed a pink pillowcase. I made this by adapting Heather Ross's pillowcase instructions to use a thrifted white pillowcase. The pink trim makes it so cute and she hasn't mentioned the fact that the whole thing isn't pink!
One of my favorite things to give is a warm loaf of bread but there never is a good thing to give it in. I have lost quite a few cloth napkins and dish towels this way. Now in 30 minutes or so I can whip up one of these drawstring bags and give that with the bread. It could be used for anything when the bread is gone. The bag in this photo is made using some leftover fabric from another project but my own bread bag is made from a vintage sheet. I have my radar out for some cute vintage tea towels to make bread bags from. Besides, I love the name tea towels, Don't you?
So those are the projects I have made from this wonderful book so far. I don't think I have the patience to wait for the book again, I guess I'll have to get my own copy! If you have any sewing experience or want to learn, this book is perfect for you. The range of projects and experience levels would suit anyone. Also, Heather included some wonderful weekend recipes that sound wonderful. Check it out!


Animail Crackers In My Soup said...

You are just to talented for words. I am impressed by the adorable things you can do. Such cute sundresses on those cuties. Excellent sewing job. So cute!

Rebekah said...

Aw, your girls look adorable in those great dresses!
The bread bag is such a great idea!

Elece Hollis said...

Whoa What darlin" babies! What a sweet mama you are Audra..

Lizzy said...

Aww, how sweet! My mom used to make dresses for my two sisters and I when we were that age. I really need to learn how to sew using patterns!