Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Apron Strings

This is a project I did before I started blogging so you will have to imagine a before picture. Imagine the whole thing turned upside down with the chalk rail on the bottom (the top used to be the bottom) The rectangles were for photos but only one side had glass. Got it? When I spied it at a yard sale, my rusty brain cogs started to turn and I realized I had found the piece I needed for my apron rack.
You see, I had inherited two red and white gingham aprons, then one day when the stars aligned I came across a whole rack of vintage aprons at a thrift store. I almost knocked this lady down to get to them but she moved on before I had to resort to desperate measures. Four beautiful aprons came home with me and then I had the problem of how to display them. Enter the chalkboard/photo frame thingy.
I took the chalk rail off with a hammer and after sanding it glued it to the middle. Then I spray painted it "Heirloom White", the best color around! Using the glass as a guide I cut out cardboard to fit the photo opening and modge podged some pretty paper on them. Several years ago our Nana gave me all her old clothes pins and in the mix were there antique ones with spiraled wire instead of the usual spring thing. I've saved them all this time in an old mason jar for just the right project and for me they really make the whole thing sing. I hung it in my laundry room where I can see it often and easily reach which ever apron I need to feel Cleaverish that day! Be sure to check out Trash to Treasure day at Reinvented. I am very sorry there is no link, I'm unable to figure that out just yet


Lizzy said...

So cute! I have an apron obsession myself and there's nothing better than hitting the vintage apron jackpot in a thrift store!

Jane said...

Adorable. I ended up giving away many of my aprons because I just didn't have a place to display them. No sense holding onto stuff you can not enjoy. Yours look so loved & lovely!

Liz said...

Love those! Mine hang behind a cabinet and you cant even see them, I'm rethinking that now. :)

Leanne said...

I love it and I love your aprons. Thanks for sharing your great idea.

Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Cute display you have here...thanks for sharing.