Monday, August 17, 2009

The Cabinet

This evening, if you walked into my kitchen and stood at my stove, on your right, just at eye level, you would see this cabinet. Open the door and you would see this. A jar of coffee beans, a well used coffee grinder, a mason jar of straws (the bendy kind), a vintage glass citrus juicer, umm... you wouldn't see the bag of chocolate toffee covered pistachios but we don't need to go into that. On the bottom shelf you would see a jar full of tea bags, a basket of herbal tea boxes, an inherited tin jello mold holding individual tea bags (I kind of like tea) and a pretty card file holding part of my 3x5 card recipe collection. Isn't that nice? What a nice cabinet.
Well, what you wouldn't see, besides the pistachios, is the bar of baking chocolate stashed in-between the card file and the wall. I am not at all ashamed to tell you that almost every time I go to the grocery store I buy a bar of Ghirardelli bittersweet baking chocolate and hide it in my cabinet and eat it all myself. Women need the serotonin in that dark chocolate! You need that serotonin! Serotonin in dark chocolate has to be one of my all time favorite scientific discoveries. It isn't hidden because I am ashamed that I eat several packages of baking chocolate every month. Oh no! It's hidden so I won't have to share. I'm not even ashamed of that! The serotonin is working for me! My husband has always been able to ferret out my chocolate stash and devour it within a single day. I know, it's shocking. So now I have found the perfect spot, he doesn't even suspect it's there. (Insert wicked laugh.)
There are those days when you wake up and your kid has a fever and then proceeds to be sick on you 4 times throughout the day, when your baby is teething and has a fever again, when your other kids has a fever and her tummy hurts, when you 2 year old decides she wants to wear panties but not necessarily go to the toilet, when you have 4 loads of laundry to wash and 2 others still waiting to be folded and put away, when you have to run over and see if you think your neighbors kid needs to go get stitches or not, when not even cartoons can keep them quiet and occupied. And then, my friend you to will be glad you took the time to find the perfect hiding place for your bar of baking chocolate. You will be praising God for creating serotonin. When you too think of getting the word Ghirardelli tattooed somewhere on your body. When that day comes you'll be thanking me!


Elece Hollis said...

Funny as Boo Mama! Yes, hidden chocolate--an inherited medical dependency, except that I don't prefer Gariahadelhi because it is too hard to spell.

Animail Crackers In My Soup said...

When we lived in California we would go to San Francisco and there was the big name Ghirardelli factory. We would go in there to treat ourselves. Thanks, brought back a happy memory.

The Rogers said...

Thanks for coming over in the middle of your own trauma, for that I think I owe you some chocolate. I hide mine too by the way.

Kristin said...

Mine is hidden, too, but shhh. It's a secret.