Sunday, August 30, 2009


One night this week after everyone had been tucked in, prayed for, kissed, hugged, helped in the bathroom, tucked in again, had a drink, reminded to be quiet, made to lay down and stop jumping, reminded to be quiet, and kissed one more time, a strange thing happened. Everything was peaceful and quiet. Strange huh? No, just kidding. I heard a funny sound coming from the general bedroom area, with a scowl on my face I heaved my exhausted self up out of the chair and went to investigate. Creeping down the hall to the two closed doors so as not to give myself away, I paused to listen for the suspect sound. There it was, coming from the nursery where the baby and the sisters sleep. Whipping the door open, ready to enforce my maternal authority I see two bright eyes peeking up at me from the baby's bed. His mouth is screwed up into a little wad and a copious amount of bubbles are hanging suspended from his lips. He has learned to sputter and blow bubbles! Needless to say, my maternal authority turned to mush and his accomplishment was rewarded with getting out of bed to be hugged and kissed. Also, his list of recent accomplishments has grown to include army crawling and learning to glean for food under his sister's chair after meals! Hello vacuum cleaner, my new best friend. I mean the real vacuum cleaner not the baby!


The DeWitts said...

I just love reading your blog! And how beautiful are your children?!! Oh my soul! They are just incredible! Also your detailed stories about your daily events & the kids make me laugh! I love it!

Alyson said...

Can I just tell you how yummy the 1-2-3-4 cake is??!! I just finished making it for after dinner tonight. It didn't come out of the bundt pan perfectly, but that was okay, because it allowed me to have a taste without cutting it!! I'm going to serve it tonight with whipped cream and homemade blueberry sauce--mmm. Thanks for sharing!! And I wish I could send you a piece to critique!! =)

Ron Hollis said...

Sad that the dress Itches my princess! Not surprising seeing as how she is indeed a princess! Her grandmother is very much like that, must be heritage!