Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pantry Cooking: Greek Pasta

Greek Pasta with Lemon and Feta

Once you are rolling on building your pantry, you might wonder what you can make with some of the items or if you will be stuck eating the same old things all the time. The good news is that with a little bit of creativity there is no limit to what you can cook up in your kitchen. Last Friday I was inspired by this recipe for Greek Chicken Pasta over at (I tried to link it but couldn't get it to work. If you want the recipe just type in the recipe name at the website.) and decided to adapt it to use what I had. In my pantry I had lots of pasta, a case of canned diced tomatoes, a can of black olives, an onion and garlic. I'll never be caught without fresh garlic, there is no substitute. My fresh ingredients were the feta and lemon. We are eating 90% vegetarian so I left out the chicken and we never missed it. So we had the lovely pasta dish you see above for our family dinner. It was quick, easy and delicious. I'm excited to show you more of what I cook from my pantry and would love to hear what you are cooking from yours. If you have a blog you can show us what you are whipping up, just add a link to your comment. Happy eating!


Elece Hollis said...

Very pretty in the blue bowl, Audra. Can you tell us how to cook up some steel cut oats? I have 10 pounds in my pantry.Do I soak them?

Elece Hollis said...

Don't laugh. They only arrived last Friday and in bulk with no instructions (I haven't kept them since Y2K.)

Susan said...

It must be the cold that inspired us both to go for the 'comfort food' !! I went straight for the pasta too, this evening! Hope you are staying warm in this cold snap!