Friday, January 7, 2011

Friday Photo

Nesting bowls, how I love thee, let me count the ways. This complete set of vintage Pyrex was a Christmas gift from my older sister and youngest brother. Do they know me or what? I've been using them everyday and I'm not sure I'll find a place in my cabinets for them. It's much easier to grab one and mix up a batch of cornbread if they are out on the counter. And they do look striking in the afternoon sun. Don't you think?
The first installment of the Pantry Primer will be up bright and early Monday morning. I'm excited!


Melly said...

Audra those are lovely! what sweet siblings you have! I am waiting with baited breath for Monday morning...I am in the midst of trying to make this kitchen more user friendly even though we are only here another 4 months. :-)

cathleen said...

I love any kind of mixing bowls but these vintage ones are awesome. I think I had some back years ago but I always ended up breaking them. I hunt them out at thrift stores every once in awhile but haven't had any luck buying a set. Lucky you!

Anonymous said...

Pyrex bliss! This stuff is like a combination of Ming Dynasty porcelain and crack to me! Four nesting bowls, that is amazing and I love the sunny colour!