Monday, March 15, 2010

The Girl and Her Doll

Twenty seven years ago, a mama set out to make cloth dolls for her three little girls. Not only did she make dolls, she made each one a dress with a matching bonnet and pinafore. Under the dresses were petticoats and bloomers. Each doll had a flannel nightgown with matching nightcaps and bloomers and a flannel robe that matched the robes the mama made for each girl. After the girls dressed their dolls in their nightgowns, caps, bloomers and robes they could tuck their dolls into their own wicker basket beds with mattresses, pillows and quilts. Of course, at the time these girls didn't realize what a treasure their sweet mama had lovingly sewed for them but now the youngest girl, that would be me, has been honored to carry on the tradition with her little girls. For Christmas last year, I made a doll for each of my daughters though I only got as far as a dress for each one. Unfortunately, Big Sister had given her doll a hair cut so recently I set out to fix the poor thing.

Here is the doll after she got her hair shaved. I always hate to do anything like this in front of my darling offspring so of course this step was accompanied by the lecture on how only mama could cut the doll's hair with scissors and no one else could.

Here is her new hair after being handsewn on. It's much smoother to sew it on by machine when the doll is being made but it was a little too late for that. I used a cotton yarn that hopefully will hold up to all the loving this doll receives.

Sister had been informing me quite often how much her doll "needed" some bloomers so these little numbers were put together.

Here is the doll wearing her pink lace adorned bloomers and the dress and pinafore from my doll who is still in circulation. You never know when you will need to change dolls so Sister keeps them all at the ready. It's amazing to me how many years of playing and loving these dolls have survived and I love to think of my granddaughters playing with their mama's dolls along side their own dolls made my their adoring grandmother. One can never have too many dolls!


Kristin said...

You amaze me.

Alyson said...

So are an amazing mama!!!

Elece Hollis said...

It is amazing that the dolls and dresses are still around--some look pretty beat. Jordyn was dashing around with the little doll buggy. She had a red balloon in pajamas as her baby. We should make some for Del's girls.

Eleanor Joyce said...

what a beautiful post!

Melly said...

This is so sweat! My mother also made me a lovely wool doll when I was little, well actually she made me two because Samuel #1 got lost at our local outdoor and camping store :(, so the second I got to help make it was lots of fun. And it is such a joy watching all my kids know play with him. Of course the boys throw him in the air and play catch but hey they love in their own way :) !

Larissa said...

The doll is beautiful! love your story of how you just went with the flow and repaired the hair - you are a great mama!

I was just catching up on your posts and i'd like to congratulate you on your pregnancy and wish you good health and lots of happiness. I know it's easier said than done but enjoy this time and you little ones - sit in bed a read a children's book aloud and invite your babes to snuggle with you and listen.

And as for battles over food - let that go if you need to - at our house we have a two bite rule and if you don't like it you can have grilled cheese or PB&J on wheat bread. it's not the best solution but at least they don't eat junk food for dinner. i'm truly excited for you and the wonderful large family you are creating!