Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Indoor Smores

No camp fire? No wire coat hangers? No problem! One of my favorite snacks anytime of year are smores. If you have graham crackers, marshmallow, chocolate and a broiler you are in business. The best thing, besides eating them is that they take less than five minutes to make. That is unless you have to make 20 of them to feed the ravenous hoard milling around you, growling and eyeballing your limbs. In that case it may take you more than 5 minutes to assemble them and then you are home free. So gather your stuff, big or small marshmallows work well and any kind of chocolate, even chocolate chips are fine. I am a bit of a smores heretic in that I do not like milk chocolate, no siree, only the good stuff for this girl. Use what ever you have on hand though and pop them under the broiler. Stand right there and watch because it really only takes a second. As fun as it is to wave around a flaming marshmallow on a stick and try to blow it out around a camp fire, some of the fun wanes when you are blowing out flames in your oven. When they are toasty enough, take them out and put their tops on and serve. Now, my kids are always excited about smores until they try to eat them. Something about them is perplexing, I think it may be the oozing and general gooeyness. Then inevitably, some one's graham cracker will break and it's all down hill from there. Last year the boys kept sticking the crackers on their bellies and running around like that, so be warned, they make people do weird things. For me they are addictive and a perfect mama- naptime-snack. Hope you like them!


Alyson said...

Oh, how I wish you had pictures of the smores on the belly run!! Sounds awesome--will definitely be trying this one!
Thanks for your prayers and the verse you gave me. Love you!

Kristin said...


Nicole said...

this post made me smile!
i am a healthfood girl, yet there always seems to be room for smores! we have been enjoying campfires nearly every night since it has become colder and our marshmallows usually turn charbroiled very quickly! ; ) these may do the trick for a nice golden brown! xo

Rebekah said...

Our favorite indoor smores are made by spreading marshmellow creme on one cracker, nutella on another, then sandwiching them together :D

But this sounds fun, too, for that delicious browned marshmellow flavor!