Saturday, September 26, 2009

Evelyn's Quilt

This month we were able to visit Grandma and Grandpa and introduce their newest grandson to them. Of course, they were delighted and mesmerized with him and all his darlingness. I do believe that he is their favorite! When we arrived Grandma was prepared with the plastic measuring cups and the quilt. Oh my, the quilt. I don't remember ever seeing it before and I can't imagine forgetting it if I had. Here it is.
The prints in it are enchanting. Grandma had a wonderful friend named Evelyn, she made this quilt. All the prints are from her childhood frocks, she saved them and pieced this nine patch quilt from them. It's hand quilted and the backing is the same yellow fabric as the solid squares on the top. Several years ago, Evelyn passed away and Grandma was helping her daughters go through her things and they didn't want the quilt. Grandma said she would like to have it, so now it is one of her treasured possessions. There seemed to be about ten or twelve different patterns on it and each one was more darling than the last. She has taken such good care of it that none of the colors are faded or worn so you can really enjoy the prints.
I love the blue and pink floral that is by Cubbie's knee, but I would be hard pressed to say which one was my favorite. Just looking at the colors made me want to reproduce them as a fabric line so my girls could have lots of darling dresses made out of the same patterns. So that is the story of Evelyn's quilt. Good work, Evelyn, You were quite the crafter!

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Nicole said...

this post is so very beautiful! the quilt is gorgeous, i love the yellow and each precious square. how lovely that you are able to savor Evelyn's handwork and re-tell her story here and to your own little ones in the future. these heirloom gifts are incredible, they tell such a story and the love and positive energy that was poured forth into the making of these handmade things are always felt!