Saturday, September 12, 2009

Backyard Campers

Last week the boys had a camp out in the back yard. Joe set up his old tent and they spent an hour hauling their pillows and blankets out there and arranging them just so. While I was washing up the dinner dishes, I watched them play. Two little boys, full of life and zeal, playing and enjoying their high adventure 20 feet from the back door. In the setting sun they looked like a life size shadow show, I could hear their shouts and laughter all the way in the kitchen. After the sun set, we settled down to a movie and heard the door open for the first time, little brother reported that big brother was afraid of the cricket sounds, 5 minutes later another report of the scary cricket sounds, 5 minutes later Joe went to check on the next report of scary cricket sounds, 10 minutes later the campers were willingly carrying all their bedding inside and assuring us that next time they would not be scared of the cricket sounds. I have a feeling that backyard camping will be a new summer tradition around here and in a few years they might even sleep out there all night!


Rebekah said...

This is so funny :) I'm sure this is what would happen if my girls camped out back as well... perhaps over the buzzing of flies instead of crickets :)

hey, where do you buy your egg roll wrappers?

Ron Hollis said...

It's fun to see a tradition continue! Wait till the stories begin! So much can be imagined to go with the sounds of the out-of-doors at night!