Monday, July 20, 2009

Sun, fun, fire and girls.

This weekend we celebrated the end of a week off work and the beginning of a new adventure. Above you can see Her Royal Cuteness in her new swimsuit. I love it when you can see their armpit rolls!
There was a whole lot of this. These brothers are true pyros! Light a match and they are on you like a duck on a cheeto! And proving the truth of the Bible, you can't play with fire and not get burned. Dan is sporting a 1/2 inch wide blister on his finger, poor guy.
Here we are walking down the driveway to the cabin at dusk looking for blackberries. Sometimes I look at pictures like this and think "Those are all my kids! I am too young to have 5 kids!" But then I guess if you are efficient and have all 5 kids in only 6 years, you aren't too young.
Sisters! What can I say, these two girls are something to behold. In case you were wondering, They were only sitting still together in one chair because they were eating chocolate cookies. Like their mother, you can get them to do almost anything with a little chocolate bribe.
This is the porch swing on the back of the cabin we stayed in. It is surely the smallest porch swing I have ever seen. Aren't they too cha cha for words? Pictures like this make their Grandpa cry and have to restrain himself from speeding over here and kissing their darling faces. Sorry Dad!


Kristin said...

Love them all!

Ron Hollis said...

What a rich, rich woman you are! How rich your children have made me!