Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Oops and a Game

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am hopelessly lame at entertaining my kids with activities and games. Stories I can do, stories can be told until their little blue eyes glaze over. So, I am pretty proud of the game I whipped out this morning. In a moment of inspiration, we made a fruit hopscotch game. Sheer genius, I know. But it's hot outside and hot makes my kids fight (blame it on the heat!) so even this simple thing entertained them for a bit. By the way, my ghetto patio is shown to make you all feel better about your patio!
Now for the oops part. All day I try to be really efficient and accomplish as much as humanly possible, with all my helpers my humanly possible isn't what it used to be but, anyway. This morning I gathered up the latest overflowing basket of the kids clothes and tossed the baby's dirty diaper on top of the basket (you know where this is going) intending to drop it in the trash as I went through the kitchen. Well, as I went to put the load over into the dryer, I realized that I couldn't remember if the diaper made it into the trash or into the washer. All I have to say is that I am thankful it was the baby's diaper and not his big sister's! Oh and that I am thankful that I didn't have to beat our clothes out on rocks down at the river. We must always be thankful for that!


Kristin said...

Oh my!! Yes! So thankful we don't beat them (the laundry, not he kids) out in the muddy river. Most def.

Jeremy said...

Love it! I also struggle with keeping the kids entertained, but every once in awhile I will get those "supermom" moments and come up with something that they love. Chalk, water, sand, balloons, bubbles are all so much fun. I always intend to do something that will wear them out, but instead find that I only wear myself out!!