Monday, February 7, 2011


Lately we have been having snow and snow and more snow. Quite a bit of snow for our little corner of the world. I am a snow spectator, it's my belief that snow is lovelier when viewed through glass. But on Saturday the kids and I bundled up and did some fort building. The boys needed lots of "ammunition" shelves for the "ambush" they were planning for their dad when he came back from work. They are into military stuff right now in case you were wondering.

Here we usually get ice before any snow starts falling and this time was no exception. A good half inch of ice coated everything under the four inches of snow. The beautiful thing about it for me was that I didn't need a single thing from the store! We had been shopping a few days before so we had some fresh things but even without that we were prepared. I had plenty of food, batteries, candles, water, even a huge bar of chocolate with hazelnuts that our sweet neighbors brought us from their trip to Europe! What more could you want?

So we have been snowed-in. Keeping up with school and housework and doing a bit of reading. Reading with six chickadees underfoot really tests your comprehension but I am one determined woman. My little old blog has been a bit neglected of late but that how things go. More and then less, finding the ever changing balance.

We are having soup for dinner with Red Lobster biscuits. I'm washing the perpetual laundry. The big brothers are confined to their room to save the living room furniture, not to mention my sanity, from their roughhousing and now sweet babe is ready to be nursed. Fullness and plenty that is what I have lately. What is at your house lately? I love hearing snippets of your lives, so tell me about it! And check out the blog list for links to some of my new favorite blogs, I think you'll like them.


Susan said...

Wintertime is a time for reading ... and just what are you and your kids reading? Being an elementary/middle school teacher, I always go back to read favorites during the winter. Recently, I've pulled Austen's 'Persuasion', an old Alex Rider novel 'Stormbreaker'
and some children's lit that I just love . I, too, love snow 'from beyond the glass' ... stay warm and cozy!

Audra said...

I am reading Annie's Ghosts by Steven Luxemburg. A riveting story about discovering an aunt who his mother had kept secret her whole life. His research is amazing.
We are reading The Indian in the Cupboard. It's such a fun story, the kids particularly like the cowboy named Boone.
I love all of Austen's books, haven't read one in forever. Last week I was thinking of rereading Jane Eyre, my all-time favorite.

Deborah Vogts said...

Always reading. I'm enjoying my kindle that I received for Christmas -- especially the free kindle downloads. LOL. But the girls and I have also been making homemade valentine's day cards and I've been doing quite a bit of baking. And enjoying the snow from my window. ;) Love the picture of your snow fort. ;)

Elece Hollis said...

I am reading Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls. When the kids were younger they loved the Redwall Series and also Indian in the Cupboard series. We liked Runaway Ralph, The Mouse and the Motorcycle and The Long Winter.