Thursday, February 17, 2011

Friday Photo

And we're off! Little Sweet Nutkins is officially mobile now. She skipped the army-crawling stage and is slowly but surely crawling around, I suspect looking for something to eat. Lucky her to have five messy sibling who constantly drop crumbs everywhere. Now if she could just get her mama to quit vacuuming it up! Have a fun weekend and I hope you have lots of good things to eat too!


Alyson said...

How is she old enough to be crawling already?? So adorable! I know my boys are jealous of all her hair! =)

Susan said...

Adorable! Now this is why I am awarding you, Audra, a Stylish Blogger Award ... wonderful photos, sound advice, fun snapshots of family life. I really enjoy visiting your blog!

If you's like to play along and award some of your favorite bloggers also, pick up the link and the award badge at the link below. Congrats, dearie! Keep up your good posting!