Friday, May 7, 2010

From My Window

Pink Cloud in full array soaking up the first rays of sunshine. From my bathroom window.

This week has been spent honoring and thinking about my husband's sweet Grandpa who passed away this past weekend. He and Grandma had been married 68 years! A World War II veteran, hard worker and loving friend, he is greatly missed.


Elece Hollis said...

Oh, wow! That is beautiful!

Ron Hollis said...

You're quite an early riser, must be a genetic thing! Really pretty out that window! We're enjoying the flowers on our hill, especially the two brown headed ones! They're a bit hard to focus on, wind blowing them around as it is! See ya soon!


Kristin said...

So pretty, Audra. Happy Mother's Day.

Larissa said...

So beautiful! Enjoy your weekend and happy mother's day to you. I have thought of you and your breakfast bars and nut fudge every day last week. and now that the craziness of the past week is over, i will make both this week. LOVE your space.

semichi00 said...

He was a sweet fella and a sweet Grandpa. Thank you for writing about him.
Love you,
Your mother-in-law.