Thursday, January 14, 2010

Winter Games

Last week during a bitterly cold spell we were all stuck inside. All day. Every day. For over a week. This is a little tough for a mom who values daily vigorous outdoor play for her rambunctious kids. I especially value the ensuing quiet in the house when they are enjoying their daily vigorous outdoor play. So last week we played inside. They were starting up a game of hide and seek and while his brother was counting I cleared out one of my cabinets and stuck big brother in it. He was thrilled and delighted to say the least. Particularly since he obtained the only flashlight with working batteries.

Of course, this led to clearing out three more cabinets for the other delighted siblings. This led to dragging pillows and blankets into the hideouts and almost an hour was spent hiding and giggling, visiting back and forth and the requisite rearranging.

Little sister was content snuggled up in the smallest cabinet, as long as she has her blanket she is content anywhere.

Then I ran out of cabinets. Poor little guy, so sad. Or maybe he is crying because everyone else has clothes and he doesn't. I can't remember.


Alyson said...

How fun!!! I wish I was one of your kids last week!! You are the best mom ever!

Melly said...

I have been reading your blog for awhile know and never had chance to say hi. So...HI! Cabinet hide and seek is also my 5 little ones favorite game. And sadly yes... the little guy is left to make faces such as the one pictured. I hope and pray you continue to find enjoyment inside your home during this wonderful season we call winter. I enjoy the thrill of... what will they find next to entertain everybody. Much love from Maine!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness. I'm SO glad you took these pictures. What a scream!

Heather said...

Those pictures are soooo adorable. I should let my little ones play a good game of cabinet hide and go seek, they would love it this time of year.