Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Bennett Salad

Today I give you The Bennett Salad. What can I say about the Bennetts. Two years ago we met a family and they have been a tremendous blessing to our family. The mother has been an inspiration to me in my homeschool and their intentionality in raising their children has helped shape our direction in raising ours. Their daughters babysit our kids, all six of them at once! In fact, a few weeks ago, when one of their daughters came to babysit she brought her salad with her, three of my kiddos who hadn't eaten the salad I had just served them lined up with plates to eat her salad. She brought a bigger salad the next week to share. We love the Bennetts.
And then there is this salad. Above you can see a Bennett Salad we enjoyed last week. Not the same salad we ate at their lovely home but a version. No recipe for it exists, only the rule of putting any fresh vegetable you have, finely diced on your fresh lettuce. There must be sprouts of some kind and nuts or seeds. Sunflower seeds always adorn their salad but I had eaten all mine so walnuts were the star of this particular salad. I loved the golden raisins on this too.
So check out your fridge, farmer's market, or garden and see what you have to make your own Bennett Salad. Really load it up. Grow some sprouts, it's easy if you have a jar and some seeds. Check out this cool website for sprouting info and even videos. You will feel healthier after the first bite!


spontaneous-euphoria said...

I love spontaneous recipes like that! this looks good!

Susan said...

I'm with spontaneous-euphoria! Love an open-ended recipe that allows you to 'play with your food' ingredients! Question, though... how did you dress this salad?

Audra said...

I try to make up a big batch of dressing to keep in the fridge since we eat salad almost every night. We just finished some homemade Buttermilk Ranch and are also enjoying a homemade French Dressing. There is a garlic vinaigrette that I love. I can't remember the last time I bought salad dressing, it's so easy to make and much more inexpensive to whip up your own.

Kristin said...

Sounds like a blog post, Audra. :) Salad dressings.. kinda love my honey mustard. Never have tried to make ranch, so I'd love to hear yours.