Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Photo

Baby feet. Almost nine-month old baby feet. Look at those chubby toes and plump little legs. Her thighs are even more glorious. Sweet Babe is adored by one and all at our house. Her every feat is greeted with cheers, smiles, applause, hugs and kisses. What fun to have five big siblings to make over you and love on you every waking moment and some sleeping moments. Now that she is on the move we keep finding strange little messes. Leaves pulled of a houseplant, potting soil scattered on the carpet, paper dumped out of the schoolroom trashcan, a book cover suspiciously wet, a little trail of exploration. It makes this tired Mama smile as she sweeps up the dirt and picks up old drawings with "tasted" corners, thinking of her discovering her home in all it's wonder. From down there everything looks big and amazing. Happy exploring to you this weekend!


Susan said...

I just love your Friday Photos ... such great snippets of family life and your projects or musings ... Little Pumpkin's baby feet bring back such nice memories of my own childrens' toddler times!

Have a great weekend, Audra!

Kristin said...

Love little baby feet. And look! Your carpet is clean. ;)