Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Twelve Days of Christmas

This cowboy santa is part of my middle son's ornament collection. I do believe it's my favorite of the santas. Do you notice anything strange about it? Well, it made it through two Christmases before part of it bit the dust. And around here, that's kind of a record!


Susan said...

I am loving your 12 Days of Christmas posts! This well-loved ornament reminds me of the small set of wooden nutcracker ornaments that my son loved as a child. Evry morning he would take them off the tree and play 'guys' with them on the family room floor. Then, he would re-decorate the tree with them until the next morning... ah, children and Christmas!

Elece Hollis said...

I finally discarded some of the old ornaments last year. Some others are favorites and we need them every year no matter how ragged they get.