Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update on Jacob

Just wanted to give you an update on Jacob. He was able to go off the oxygen yesterday afternoon and did great with that all night. They are still needing to have breathing treatments every 3 hours and will need to be able to go 4 hours between treatments to be released. Also, he has to be able to keep himself hydrated without the IV but isn't drinking very much. Last night he had trouble with his IV and he and his dad didn't get much sleep. He is much more active and keeping him contained is a bit of a challenge. A good challenge but a little tough for a big pregnant mama!
We really appreciate all your prayers and messages. We were visiting my family for the weekend in Oklahoma so aren't in Arkansas. It's been a blessing to be close to both our families and our kids are having fun at their Grandparent's farm. Our 7 year old asked my mom if we would be going to a hotel after we got out of the hospital so they wouldn't have to go home yet! Little stinker! Keep us in your prayers and I'll post an update soon.