Friday, February 5, 2010

February Cheer

Not really too much cheer happens for me in February. Gray cloudy skies for days on end, kids trapped inside for days on end, all the Christmas chocolate is long since gone. I have found that any cheer has to be intentionally searched out and celebrated. One thing that I love to do is iron my growing collection of hand embroidered linens. They are pieces that I have picked up at garage sales or flea markets, a few have been gifts from my mom. So I get them out, spray on some heavy starch and iron away. After they are folded in a neat stack, I display them in their chosen place.

I love this one on my bedroom dresser. It covers the whole top and looks lovely against the light colored wood. Entirely hand embroidered, I am amazed by the delicate work of this cloth. That some homemaker took what she had, fabric, thread and a needle, and made this beautiful work of art that has probably outlasted herself is thrilling to me.

My sideboard is where this scarf resides. The creamy linen is a perfect contrast to the warm colors of the cedar. I picked it up the same day I found the sideboard at a little shop down the road from my house and it is a rare find in that is in pristine condition. Seeing these lovely things, nicely ironed, as I move through the general chaos of my day makes such a difference in my outlook. If you are feeling a bit blue lately, try finding something you can do or change in your home and see if that helps you a bit. Or do what my mom always recommends and make yourself a big plate of pasta. Or do both, I think I just might!


Amy Giulioli Royse, DVM said...

Hi Audra! I so enjoy reading your posts. In fact, I enjoy them so much that I've nominated you for a blog award...just a fun thing passed between friends. Check out my blog to accept and post!

Eleanor Joyce said...

very insightful . . . and your linen pieces are lovely! Now for some pasta!

Heather said...

This really made me stop and think. I like what you said about having to intentionally having to seek out cheer, because that is certaily a challenge for this month, and even for us, into the next one. There is something kind of nice about having to search for what makes us happy, a little bit of a soul journey.
Those linens are wonderful, and I think that it is great that ironing something so beautiful brings you joy.
Have a great end to your weekend

Elece Hollis said...

Cheer and positive thinking certainly are things we have to reach for.You can't stop and smell the roses until you find a garden.

Rebekah said...

Such pretty things!

I have a colorful February because both my girls' birthdays brighten up the month :)